Starting with a tiny Root Beer stand in California, a&w near me grew into the nation’s first franchise restaurant chain. In the process it popularized drive-in restaurants and made Root Beer Floats a nationwide – and international – treat. Even Marriott hotels traces its roots to A & W. One hundred many years of history is, well, plenty of history. But here’s a good beginning.

1) A&W was founded on June 20, 1919 in Lodi, California, with all the first mug of Root Beer served in a homecoming parade for World War I veterans; it absolutely was the very first U.S. chain restaurant to expand to Southeast Asia (1963).

2) A&W Restaurants is over the age of sliced bread (1919 vs. 1928).

3) A&W invented the Original Bacon Cheeseburger in 1963 (invented by Dale Murder who became president and it is now chairman in the board).

4) A&W introduced Rooty the Great Root Bear as its mascot in 1973.

5) A&W Restaurants manufactured 150,000 glass mugs for 2019, saving approximately 180 paper cups per mug.

6) A&W Restaurants has raised over $800,000 for veterans-related charities since 2014.

7) California houses by far the most A&W Restaurants with approximately 70 locations.

a. 2nd most: Wisconsin (approximately 50 locations)

b. 3rd most: Michigan (approximately 40 locations)

8) Gallons of any&W Root Beer consumed in 2018 (domestic and international): 1,109,934

9) Pounds of Cheese Curds available in 2018 (U.S. only): 2,060,988

10) You can find nearly one thousand A&W restaurants worldwide, with approximately 600 inside the U.S.

On June 20, A&W had become the first American restaurant chain to transform 100. The first frosty mug of Root Beer was served in Lodi, California with a parade honoring World War I veterans. “A&W features a long history of supporting veterans,” said A&W CEO Kevin Bazner. “With this being our centennial year, National Root Beer Float Day is extra special.”

This is A&W’s seventh annual National Root Beer Float Day celebration as well as the third year it offers partnered with DAV. A&W and DAV aspire to raise $200,000 for your organization, which serves several million veterans annually. Fundraising began in late June. The $150,000 A&W raised for DAV in 2018 provided approximately $6 million in direct good things about veterans.

“Our partnership with AAndW continues to grow annually, and that we truly appreciate its support for the ill and injured veterans,” said Marc Burgess, DAV National Adjutant and CEO. “The needs of our own American heroes are xagtcr as great today as a century ago, and that we are incredibly glad to again be working with AAndW on National Root Beer Float Day.”

Since 2013, A&W has raised a lot more than $800,000 for veterans groups during National Root Beer Float Day.

Regarding AAndW – America’s first and oldest restaurant chain, a&w hours still makes Root Beer fresh in each restaurant from real cane sugar, water and a proprietary mixture of herbs, bark, spices and berries which can be served in a frosty mug along with burgers, fries, chicken tenders and other All American Food® favorites. You will find nearly 1,000 locations worldwide.

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